AECT Standard 5: 

"Candidates explore, evaluate, synthesize, and apply methods of inquiry to enhance learning and improve performance" (AECT, 2012).

Artifacts demonstrating achievement of AECT Standard 5:  Research:

Research Paper: 
Anchored Instruction in Mathematics

The Anchored Instruction Research Paper was created in Spring 2021 for EDET 709.  The artifact combines my pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics with research on anchored instruction. This research paper was a major project for EDET 709 with the purpose of connecting learning theory with instruction in the K-12 classroom. 

Group Evaluation Plan


The Group Evaluation Plan was created in Spring 2022 for EDET 793.  The Evaluation Plan uses knowledge of research to design an impact evaluation for a provided case study. This evaluation plan was a major project for EDET 793 and is the primary deliverable for one of four modules within the course.