AECT Standard 4: 
Professional Knowledge and Skills

"Candidates design, develop, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments within a supportive community of practice" (AECT, 2012).

Artifacts demonstrating achievement of AECT Standard 4:  Professional Knowledge and Skills:

Integrated Multimedia Project

The Integrated Multimedia Project was created using Google Sites in Fall 2020 for EDET 603.  This project was the final project for EDET 603 and spanned several weeks and multiple assignments.  This product was created as a learning group.  Our group shared responsibility for content, recordings, and website creation.  My individual responsibilities were the planning and editing of the Podcast and creation of the marketing poster.

Group Research Paper

The Group Research Paper was created in Spring 2021 for EDET 780. This artifact was created to represent understand of research design for a question of interest related to technology. Our three-person team collaboratively identified the research topic and supporting references. My specific role in the creation of the research paper was the methods section of the paper.  Our group shared responsibility for formatting and final editing of the paper.