AECT Standard 3: 
Learning Environments

"Candidates facilitate learning by creating, using, evaluating, and managing effective learning environments" (AECT, 2012).

Artifacts demonstrating achievement of AECT Standard 3:  Learning Environments:

Website:  Math for Diverse Populations

The Math for Diverse Populations website was created using WIX in Spring 2021 for EDET 735. The development of this website combined my pedagogical content knowledge of mathematics with new learning about supporting diverse populations. This website was the final project for EDET 735.  It is designed for mathematics educators to support their understanding of tools and resources to support diverse learners in their K-12 classrooms.

Technology Use and Support Survey


The Technology Use and Support Survey was created in Google Forms in Fall 2021 for EDET 746. This survey was conducted to measure staff use of technology and attitudes regarding technology support for staff at my workplace.  This survey was one of seven assignments for EDET 746.