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Overview and Navigation

This website is designed to showcase artifacts and reflections produced within the Learning Design and Technologies program at the University of South Carolina.


Primary navigation of the website is done through the navigation toolbar located below the website logo near the top of the page.  


There are three options for viewing artifacts within the portfolio:

1.    Each artifact and supporting annotations is available through the table located on the main Portfolio Artifacts page. 
2.    Artifacts associated with specific AECT standards are described and linked on each AECT standard sub-page under the main Portfolio Artifacts page.  
3.    Artifact pages are linked in order (artifact 1-10) using the “next” button on each artifact page.  

Design of Website Message

To create the message design for the website, I crafted three possible messages that represent my view of my learning journey, then sought feedback from colleagues and my husband to help finalize my decision.  My three original choices were: 

•    Guiding Star:  Journey to Thoughtful Choices
•    Complex Explorations of a Simple Life 
•    Reflections from the Balcony 

Based on feedback from those who know me best, I selected “Reflections from the Balcony” as a theme for my website and used the Wix Logo maker to design a logo to align with the theme. 


Next, I used to create a palette of colors for my website.

Color Palette.png

The message, logo, and palette were combined into a Style Guide.

A site map was created to define the pages of the website.  

The style guide and site map were used to define the website format and template.  


Content Selection

To decide which artifacts to include in my portfolio, I first made a list of every assignment completed for my Master of Education Learning Design and Technology program.  Next, I sorted the assignments according to which AECT standards were represented by the assignment and ranked them by which seemed to best represent my journey from novice to expert.  My goal was to select  at least two assignments per standard.   

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