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Image by Oliver Graham

As I step back and consider my internship from a balcony view, my learning from this experience might be categorized into three themes:

  1. technological skills

  2. client relationships

  3. project management.  


Although I was familiar with most of the technology tools used to create the deliverables for my internship, my understanding of the use and nature of each tool was expanded.  I am now more flexible with my use of online tools to support active learning, as well as knowledge of how tools might be effectively embedded and included as an element of website design.


The relationship with the client was challenging at the beginning of the internship due to our long-term friendship.  She seemed hesitant to provide critical feedback and unsure of her goals.  I learned that part of her hesitancy was due to lack of knowledge of what might be possible.  Although I had a vision of possibilities, she was nervous about maintaining and updating the website after it was created.  In working with clients, I learned that my flexibility is essential to maintaining a positive relationship and ensuring the project meets the client’s needs.  Also, in communicating with the client, I learned that intentionality is important, especially with questions that are asked.  Intentional questions result in clear and specific feedback to guide the work.


Last, I learned the importance of project management to maintain momentum and meet deadlines.  From my internship bi-weekly reflection document: “Some things I know about myself are that I do quite a bit of planning in my head prior to producing a product, and I am also a procrastinator.  I must be careful not to let my procrastination get in the way of completing my internship to the quality I expect from myself.  My next steps are to dedicate my time to this project and specific task completion to meet deadlines.”  I learned that I must discipline myself to meet my self-imposed deadlines and having a project management task list with deadlines for each element of a larger tasks supports this goal. 
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