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The site for my internship was Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC.  The supervisor for my internship project was Kimberly Huntley, K-5 Career Specialist.  Mrs. Huntley requested support transitioning to a web-based career fair to replace and/or supplement face-to-face career fairs offered to students. My role in the project was instructional designer and developer.  Mrs. Huntley served as the SME for the project and provided much of the content for the website, including videos.  The scope of work for the internship included design of a career awareness dashboard using Google sites and creation of online career awareness lessons for grades K-5. 

To complete the scope of work, I applied the Morrison, Ross, & Kemp model of instructional design (2013) to identify objectives, sequence, and strategies for the online career awareness lessons.  Image editing tools such as Canva and Photoshop were used to create images for the Google Site dashboard, and online tools (Jigsaw Planet, Thinglink, Wordwall, Google Slides, Jeopardy Labs) were embedded into the Google Site to create online career awareness lessons.  

Final project deliverables included a career awareness website built in Google Sites with lessons for students in grades K-5, two job aids for teachers to support the use of the career awareness website, a formative evaluation report for the career awareness website, and a video reflection of the overall internship experience.

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