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Artifact 7:  Integrated Multimedia Project

The Integrated Multimedia Project was created using Google Sites in Fall 2020 for EDET 603.  


This project was the final project for EDET 603 and spanned several weeks and multiple assignments.  This product was created as a learning group.  Our group shared responsibility for content, recordings, and website creation.  My individual responsibilities were the planning and editing of the Podcast and creation of the marketing poster.

This artifact clearly represents the beginning of my journey within this program. Since the creation of this artifact, I have learned to include sources for images as well as text to adhere to copyright and fair use best practices.  Images included on the website are not identified by source.  It is possible that the image are attribution-free images, but I do not think we held that concern in our development.  Also, I have learned more about image, sound, and video editing since we created this website.  I recognize the amateurish sound of our podcast and the missing transition edits of our video images.  Our group would create a much different product now compared to then. 

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