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Artifact 6:  Technology Use and Support Survey

The Technology Use and Support Survey was created in Google Forms in Fall 2021 for EDET 746.   

This survey was conducted to measure staff use of technology and attitudes regarding technology support for staff at my workplace.  This survey was one of seven assignments for EDET 746.  


The survey includes logic to direct respondents to questions appropriate to their role within the organization.  However, the question used for the logic was not clear to respondents and two were required to answer questions that were not applicable to them.  If I were to administer the survey again, I would rephrase the questions to ensure each participant received the appropriate questions.  Also, although the requirement for the assignment was only a survey, I think it would be a better assessment of use and support to include additional data collection strategies such as a focus group or analysis of training artifacts to get a true picture of technology use and attitudes of SCCMS employees.  

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