Artifact 4:  Canvas Course

The Developing Proportional Reasoning Canvas Course was created using Canvas in Spring 2022 for EDET 755. The course combined knowledge of content and pedagogy to develop a professional learning course for teachers of mathematics. 

The purpose of this artifact was to apply knowledge of online learning to create a multi-module course in Canvas.  The course was developed as a professional development course for teachers of mathematics to deepen their pedagogical content knowledge of proportional reasoning. This course was the culminating project for EDET 755 and represents learning across multiple modules.

The Canvas Course represents knowledge of online learning as I’ve moved toward the expert end of the continuum.  Although this was my first experience using Canvas to develop an online course, I have participated as a learner in online courses within Canvas and was familiar with the tools available.  Looking back, I realize that I did miss some of the capabilities available in Canvas as an instructor and would refine the format and layout of the course for students. For example, I would reorganize the order of the course menu to emphasize the importance of certain menu items and would embed introduction videos to make the learning environment more supportive for novice users of Canvas.

Instructional Design
AECT Standards