Artifact 3:  Prototype of Instructional Module

The Four Audience Instructional Module Prototype was created in Fall 2020 for EDET 722 and was my first introduction to the Morrison, Ross, and Kemp (2013) instructional design process.

The purpose of this artifact was to create a self-guided instructional module in PowerPoint.  The prototype was the culminating product for EDET 722 and was based on the application of the Morrison, Ross, and Kemp instructional design process to familiar content.  The prototype was used as a learning module for colleagues at SCCMS.

As my first experience with instructional design and my introductory course for the program, I’m not sure I understood the importance of this foundational experience at the time.  

Looking back now, I recognize how the experience of using the MRK model (2013) with intention to design an instructional module has supported my understanding and progress throughout the program. I recognize I have grown in my understanding of image and video manipulation since the creation of this artifact and may make different choices with the visual images at this point than I did then.  Overall, the intentional use of an instructional design process resulted in a well-designed instructional module. 

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