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Artifact 2: e-Learning Design Document

The e-Learning Design Document was created in Spring 2022.  


The purpose of the design document was to apply knowledge of the MRK design process to create an e-learning module to instruct graduate students about the Smith and Ragan Instructional Design Model. The content of the design document was used to guide the development of an online instructional module using iSpring. 

Compared to applications of the MRK instructional design process created earlier in the program, the e-Learning Design Document represents knowledge further along the journey to expert.  The intentional use of the MRK process to analyze learners and plan for instruction resulted in a professional e-learning module.  In addition to objectives and assessment items, the design document also includes a treatment report to guide the visual design of the e-learning module.  The use of treatment reports and style sheets to guide the development of online learning was new learning for me that I plan to continue to incorporate into my professional work. I am pleased with the learning this artifact represents. 

Connections to ID Models
AECT Standards
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