Artifact 10:  Group Evaluation Plan

The Group Evaluation Plan was created in Spring 2022 for EDET 793.  The Evaluation Plan uses knowledge of research to design an impact evaluation for a provided case study.  

This evaluation plan was a major project for EDET 793 and is the primary deliverable for one of four modules within the course.  


My role in the production of this artifact was SME and external evaluator.  Our three-person team collaboratively developed the first six sections for the evaluation plan, then divided the remaining sections to be completed by individual team members.  My specific responsibilities were the methods section, instrumentation for the student learning question, and the planned analysis section.  

Although working together as a group on this evaluation plan was challenging, our final product represents significant learning and understanding on the part of our team related to research design and evaluation of programs.  One regret is missing formatting procedures such as page numbers, headers, and footers in our final submission.  I suppose we were focused on the content of the report and forgot to attend to the details—an important lesson learned.   

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