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Artifact 1:  EDET 703 Course Website

The EDET 703 Course Website was created in Spring 2021 using WIX.  


The EDET 703 Course Website was created to showcase assignments completed for the EDET 703 course.  The website was accessed by the instructor and other students to view completed assignments. 


The EDET 703 Course Website represents my understanding as a novice web designer.  This website is the first website I created that was not a Google Site.  As I review the website now, I realize how much I have learned since that time about color choices for websites, font selection, and overall layout.  During the creation of this website, I learned to use WIX to develop a website, to change the colors of various elements, and to add HTML elements to a WIX website.  Since that time, I’ve refined my understanding of accessibility of websites.  If I were to recreate this website now, I would make different choices for color and fonts.

Screenshot 2022-04-13 122321.png
Role for Artifact
Connection to ADDIE and MRK
AECT Standards Demonstrated
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